Great music springs forth at spring concert (from our June print edition)

COLONIAL GYM — On May 14, music sprung out from all directions.

The spring concert was for the fourth and fifth grades.

This was fourth grade’s first time in the chorus, so this was their first time in the spring concert.

The fourth grade sang “Cantar,” “Bashana Haba’ah” and “Oh be Joyful.” The fifth graders students sang “Hallelujah Jubilate,” “Khushi Mama,” “Time” and “Hallelujah Cannon.”

The spring concert was a big hit in Colonial School. The chorus, band and orchestra teachers were proud of how hard all their students worked.

Rami Vamos, the chorus teacher, said, “I was proud of fourth grade because they did a really good job with the round for ‘Oh be Joyful.’ They really sold the message of the song by being joyful. And fifth grade was really on key for the song ‘Khushi Mama.'”

There was one flaw in the concert, though. One person, fifth grader Leo Jurcic, passed out. He described the experience as “terrifying.”

He said, “First, my knees started to hurt and feel weak. Then, everything became unclear and blurry. Until everything just went black. When this happens, you panic so much…At the same time, you feel so helpless, because you can’t do anything to stop.”

Many other fifth graders felt this way too and walked off the stage. But thankfully, no others actually did faint. Many people described that it looked like they were “dropping like flies.”

After the concert, it was noticed that all the people that felt like this had something in common. They locked their knees.

Although this all happened, many people agreed that the spring concert did end up to be a success.