Fifth graders make year-end documentary (from our June print edition)


PELHAM — The fifth graders every year go to the Picture House Regional Film Center to learn about the making of a film and then direct, film and appear in a documentary movie.

On May 15, this year’s classes concluded their filming. While filming, the kids used professional equipment whether it was for the sound or for the pictures. There was a camera for filming and two headsets to make sure the sound will go well when the documentary is being played.

The instructor of the project, Ms. Jana Smith, has one person be the director and the other is the interviewee. One question the director asks is, “Can you describe your elementary experience in three words?” Some answers might be “fun,” “exciting,” and “important.”

Drew Shannon, who participated in the making of the documentary, said, “I liked being the sound person. I liked being it because the person who was being interviewed sounds like they’re right next to you.”

Since there were two headsets, there were two students working on the sound. One of the headsets had a very loud sound that really did make it sound like the interviewee was right next to you. The camera was a newer model of a Canon camera.

Audrey Davis, another student on the project, said, “I liked filming and doing sound because you could hear everything. I liked it because we got to use complicated equipment.”

“My favorite part of the Pelham Picture House was being the interviewee,” Darcy Clarke said. “My favorite piece of equipment to use was the camera because it was really fun to see people through it.”

The Picture House offers weeklong theatrical runs of films, as well as classes and school workshops.