Kindergartners LOVE their fifth grade buddies (from our June print edition)

COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — Kindergartners gave their points of view on fifth grade buddies helping them in everyday topics like reading, math, writing and Fundations.

Henry Steiper (KH) said, “I like my fifth grade buddy. My fifth grade buddy’s name is Jules Moss. He is fun to play with because he plays soccer.”

“I like my fifth grade buddy,” said Jacob Tam (KM). “He is cool. He comes to recess with me.”

Usually, when the Colonial Times interviews Kindergartners, they do not say a lot, but when they were interviewed about their fifth grade buddies, they yelled their quotes with excitement. Boy, they were so happy.

Mahira Gupta (KM) said, “I like the fifth grade buddy program. The buddies are nice, and they play with us.”

Colonial has had the buddy program for years, and both the Kindergartners and fifth graders love it because its a chance to get to know one another. It can be fun to have the buddies around because they teach new games.

Finley M. (KM) said, “I like my fifth grade buddy a lot. My fifth grade buddy’s name is William. I like that he plays soccer with me.”

Fifth grade buddies have lots of fun playing sports with the Kindergartners, but it looks like there favorite is soccer.

William Anderson (KS) said, “I like my fifth grade buddy. He is my friend. His name is Finbar. He plays tag with me and my friends.”

“I like my fifth grade buddy,” said Jack Dittus Lang (KH). “His name is Noah. He is nice, but I barely get to see him.”

The buddy program helps bring together people of different grades and helps develop fifth graders because they have the Kindergartners’ backs. Hopefully, the buddy program will also teach bigger kids not to bully younger kids.