Kindergartners enjoy their first months as Colonial students

KINDERGARTEN CLASSROOMS — The new Kindergartners are enjoying their time in school.

The 2019-2020 Kindergartners at Colonial School say they are loving their teachers, friends and activities. These Kindergartners seem ready for their first year of elementary school.

Emilia S. in KM said her favorite subject in school is “math because I get to learn a lot of numbers.”

“My favorite is art because it’s cool, and we get to make things,” said Quinn M. in KM.

When these Kindergartners came into Colonial, they were excited to make new friends, meet their teachers and learn a lot. Also, meeting their fifth-grade buddies is always a highlight.

Ripley S. in KM said that her favorite subject in school is “Fundations because sometimes we learn new letters and vowels.”