Mrs. Lombardi discovered love of teaching while working with kids on technology


Colonial Times file photo

Mrs. Lombardi on a 2014 field trip to the New York Botanical Gardens.

CLASSROOM 3L — Joanne Lombardi has been working on the Colonial School staff for 20 years.

Mrs. Lombardi began as a technology teacher for Pelham Schools. She later decided to become a certified teacher.

“I became a teacher when my children were babies,” Mrs. Lombard said. “I took a part-time job working for Pelham schools, since I was in the computer business before having children and the school needed a technology teacher. I found out that I love working with children so much that I decided to become a certified teacher.”

Mrs. Lombardi loves cupcakes. She said it’s sad that the district had to ban birthday treats. “I see the issue from both sides, but I’m leaning towards no because birthdays are very special days in children’s lives, and a favorite treat to share with classmates is a nice celebration of that day,” she said.

As  a teacher, Mrs. Lombardi has various goals for the year. “I have a number of goals, but one of them is to inspire my third graders to want to be a scientist by using our new Science 21 hands-on curriculum. I’d also like to see my students become better, more descriptive writers.”

Mrs. Lombardi has a life outside of school, including hobbies like gardening, music and bike riding.

Mrs. Lombardi has two golden retrievers and loves the animals so much they happen to be her favorite.