Third graders start orchestra after picking instruments

COLONIAL LIBRARYSome of the third graders are very excited because they get to start orchestra and play an instrument.

When the students were in second grade last year, they were able to see four or five fifth graders play all four instruments. If the second graders wanted to do orchestra, they asked their parents if they could join. The parents bought or rented the instrument the students wanted to play.

“Orchestra is really fun, and they teach you a lot of stuff, and I recommend orchestra to people who want to play an instrument,” said Naya Shekher  (3M), who plays the violin.

The teacher’s name is Ms. Marcia Bean, and there are a lot of kids that say they love playing an instrument and playing songs.

“They teach you a lot of stuff and put tape lines on the instrument to help you play the right note,” said Jack Monaghan Morris (3M), who plays cello.