Ms. Casagrande joins Colonial staff from Siwanoy as fourth-grade teacher

CLASSROOM 4C — The new fourth-grade teacher Ms. Melody Casagrande loves her job at Colonial School, and her class loves her being their teacher.

Ms. Casagrande was a second grade teacher at Siwanoy School and joined Colonial this year.

”I am excited to see my students grow, and I am excited to have fun this year,” said Ms. Casagrande.

“Ms. Casagrande is better than amazing,” said Carter O’Neil, one of her students.

“Ms. Casagrande is really nice, she gives multiple chances and she is a great help,” said Richard Carvajal, another student in her class. “If she notices that you are having trouble with something, she will teach it to the whole class.”

Ms. Casagrande is active outside of school. Her hobbies are reading mysteries, hiking and crocheting. She also adopted a rescue dog named Penny, who is three years old right now.