PMS field is closed for winter: Do students prefer it or playground?

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COLONIAL PLAYGROUND — The field is closed for the winter. Do students miss it?

The third, fourth and fifth graders go to the field at the Pelham Middle School to play in spring and fall. Every winter, the field is closed so recess is on the playground instead.

Levi Aronoff from class 4C said she likes the “field because there is more space and you won’t bump into people.”

Masie Mclellan from class 4G voted for “the playground because there’s more stuff to do, and you don’t just run around.”

At the field, you can run around, play sports and use your imagination. When you go to the field, you eat your lunch and then a teacher takes you to the field.

“The playground because the field is so secure and limited,” said Patrick Messina from class 4G.