Many students of Colonial have many favorite school subjects

COLONIAL SCHOOL With all the different subjects taught here, it’s no surprise students have different favorites.

Students at the school point to science, math, P.E., reading, writing, social studies and some others as areas they like to study.

“I enjoy teaching science because I can see the children explore, problem solve and learn new things together,” said Alaura Stivala, a Kindergarten teacher.

“I like writing because I am really good at it,” said Stella Gretina in class 5S.

Ansley Gagnier in 3A said her favorite subject is “reading because I like reading books.”

There are also lots of people who like science and reading like Arielle Geyer, Abigail Harris and Chiara Caridideo.

“Science, because it can be really fun because it’s sometimes really messy,” said Abigail Harris in 1H.

Chiara Carideo in 1H said she enjoyed reading “because we learn new stuff like new words.”