Fifth graders choose their language classes for middle school


Colonial Times file photo

Changing classes can be good practice for when fifth graders attend Pelham Middle School.

5TH GRADE CLASSROOMS — The fifth graders are now starting to prepare for middle school, and the first thing they have to do to is to choose a language.

The options they have for language study are Latin, Spanish, Italian, French and Mandarin.

“I am going to take Spanish in sixth grade because I am already taking Spanish so I already know Spanish,” said Luke Fear (5P).

Duncan Gin (5P) said, “I am doing Latin because my friend’s sister said it is easy.”

Once they make their language decisions, students will put down their top three picks and will end up getting one of those selections as their language for the rest of their time in middle school.

“I am going to take Spanish,” said Stella Gretina (5S). “My friends are also doing it, too. It is fun and easy, too.”

“I really want to take French or Italian.” said Eva Stinger (5S).