Mr. Katz joins school as new music teacher: ‘What I love most about Colonial is all of you’

COLONIAL SCHOOL — Mr. Eric Katz is the new music teacher for Colonial School.

Mr. Katz has tons of experience. He taught at Siwanoy School for 20 years and at Prospect Hill for the same period of time. He continues to teach at Prospect Hill on cycle days 1, 2 and 3.

“I came to Colonial because the principals decided that since there aren’t the same number of students in each school, Mr. Vamos and I should trade places to make the schedules more even,” he said.

Mr. Katz has turned music into a fun learning experience, teaching students about various musicians, composers and songs.

“What I love most about Colonial is all of you,” Mr. Katz said. “You are truly nice kids and hard workers. Because of that, I am able to do special things like the ‘Come to Colonial’ song and all of the great and fun things we do together in music class.”