Surface Pro 4

For fans of the Surface Pro 3 by Microsoft, the Surface Pro 4 is the PC for you. With the dimensions of a sheet of paper (not including the folded keyboard) and with 267 pixels per inch, it beats the SP3 by 51 PPI (pixels per inch). The dimensions of the screen are bigger, too. However, at 1.7 pounds,  the Surface Pro 4 is lighter then the SP3!  It has more touch points for the pen then the SP3 and even with the ability to write anywhere, not just in Fresh Paint or another Windows paint program. It also has more kickstand flexibility, with 3 more major positions. It’s processer is the Gen Intel Core i7. The processer has enough power to run all of your desktop apps and programs at the same time, and still have enough power to last 9 hours (starting at 100%). Personally, I like the fact it recognizes your fingerprint and says “Hello, Padraig!” or “Hello, Dave!”  when you log on. Even the word “Surface” engraved on the back of the Surface Pro 3 has been changed to the shiny chrome Microsoft logo on the back.  It’s surprisingly cheap for all of these functions- starting at around $1,000, including the non-included keyboard! Want to find out more? Go [here]!