Quantum Teleportation


Does your dear Granny live miles upon miles upon miles away? Well, quantum teleportation can fix this. Or maybe give her a heart attack.  Quantum teleportation is the process of transmitting ions and atoms from one specific location to another. Or, speaking technically, direct transfer of a quantum state from one location to another. It can be used for transportation, but it is mainly used to send messages. The phenomenon behind this is the fact that particles seem to have an unknown link to one another, even when separated by great distance. It would work like this: a machine would scan an object- let’s say a sheet of ordinary paper-to take all the information out of it, and send the information to a receiving location and used to construct an exact replica out of more atoms. The sheet of paper in the original location would then be gone. This process and the fact itself was theorized by Charles H. Bennett. Many science fiction writers consider teleportation machines that do not destroy the original copy, and then the original and the teleported versions of the same person meet, blah, blah, blah, but the more common kind of teleportation destroys the original human and reconstructs it at another location.

Quantum teleportation can also be used to travel through time. As said, particles have an unknown link to one another. You could connect to a particle in another time. The results of this could be disastrous, though. You could be stuck in a time where this effect has not been theorized, and be stuck in that time. You could meet an earlier version of yourself. You could die in that time and never go past the initial time you were in, because your past/future self would still go back/ forward in time and did/will still die.
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