Perpetual Motion Machine


The idea, simply, of a perpetual motion machine is absurd, but, still, not impossible. A perpetual motion machine (PMM) is a machine that, once started, will generate enough power or speed to keep itself running forever. It is believed that a PMM goes against the laws of physics. An example of a PMM would be a gear or wheel that once started will never stop turning. A planet was once thought to maybe be a PMM, but the source of it’s revolution is a greater body, such as the sun, which will eventually burn out.  The idea of a PMM was thought up by the astronomer Bhaskara II, and people have pondered over it for centuries. Some people have created hoaxes, such as the one below:

In 1813 when Charles Redheffer came to New York with a giant gear that kept itself turning, hundreds of people came to see it. However, people made him let them take a closer look at the machine. They found a belt going through the wall and into the attic where it was powered by an old man turning a crank with his hands!

Most people consider the idea of a PMM impossible, but I think humans will eventually build one. What do you think?

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