Neural Interfaces


Have you ever wanted to control computers with your mind? I know I have! Well, neural interfaces can do this. It basically means connecting the thoughts of a human brain to the internet. It has recently been invented when Dr. Mark Humayu came up with the idea of a bionic eye for his grandmother when she lost her eyesight. It worked, and was later approved by FDA. This began the idea of NIs (neural interfaces). NIs work by brain wave mapping, which is the process of controlling robotics from microchip implants people put in your brain. After years of trying it on animals, the first NIs in humans appeared in around 1995. But don’t rush over to the nearest hospital to get an implant; NIs are mostly used for people who have lost an arm, or are blind. This is because you can control the bionic arm with your mind, just like a normal arm! However, sometime in the next 80 years, NIs will be a reality. So if you can wait it out… great! If you can’t…well, let’s just say you’ll have a long, long time to wait.

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