The Smart Pill


I bet you’ve heard that an average human uses only about 10 or 15% of their brainpower at any given time. Well, this is the idea behind a pill that makes you smarter.

The OptiMind pill helps you use your other-about-85% brainpower. It does a few things to make your brain kick in and work its hardest. It will…

  1. Elevate your metabolism by giving your brain cells power-houses (or mitochondria) with alpha lipoic acid
  2. Rejuvenate your mind with vinpocetine by increasing blood flow and oxygen to your brain
  3. Improve your memory and learning rates by repairing damaged brain cells with bacopa
  4. Give you energy because it contains a little caffeine

I bet you’re yawning and thinking ‘Why the heck would you want it; and it probably costs a lot, too!’ .

Well… nope. It’s FREE. You can get it FREE; even though I can’t (because I’m allergic to peanuts and it contains tyrosine, a protein in nuts). But be forewarned: the free pills will only last for fourteen days. After these fourteen days, you have to pay.

The creator of Supplement Critique had this to say:

“As opposed to many of the other nootropics that I have tried, it gave me a nice smooth feeling, which left me motivated to work very hard for at least four or five hours with only stopping for a couple of small breaks. If you are looking for something to help enhance your productivity at work or in the classroom, I think OptiMind is a very good choice.

You might have noticed that he mentioned ‘nootropics’ in his review. And yes, I know nootropic is an insane name. Nootropics are a few ingredients in OptiMind that make you smarter. These nootropics are  GABA , DMAE , caffeine , huperzine, phosphatidyl L-serine, choline ,alpha lipoic acid, sulbutamine, vinpocetine, bacoside A, green tea leaf extract, L-tyrosine, taurine, and vitamins B-6, B-12, and D-3. Really, you shouldn’t worry. They’re just ingredients.

So. This pill is an amazing invention; but I don’t think it should really be legal. I mean, they give people unimaginable energy, they make you at least 85% smarter, they improve your memory, they … and … Yeah. But you should try it out (just not before a test)!

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