Verizon’s Minecraft Phone

Phones in Minecraft

Verizon's Minecraft Phone

UNTIL NOW, IT HAS NOT BEEN POSSIBLE to order a pizza in the game Minecraft.  As a matter of fact, you couldn’t Skype, call or text people in this wildly popular game. But recently, the phone company Verizon created a program called Boxel.

Before we continue, let me tell you about the workings of this gameMinecraft runs on the programming language Java. When you launch the game, Minecraft searches your computer for a folder on your computer named .minecraft. When the game finds that folder in your computer, it looks into it for the code that makes the game run: saves (your worlds), bin (the code), assets (the code-running software) and configure (the chunk-loading software). But there is something called plugins in Minecraft. They are kind of like mods, but when you use them, you still play in “vanilla” Minecraft: Minecraft without mods.

Next, launch Minecraft. When you start playing, you can make a phone with a telephone reception tower. Boxel makes the tower able to go to a site that can call, text and Skype people. This site- just a big program- is also called Boxel. Next, the site sends information back to the reception tower. Once it gets to the reception tower, another program called Boxel-Client turns the site or call or person into blocks. It all works!

Ready for the big, cool picture? Go here!

I’ve tried this, and it actually works. If you want to try it out for yourself, download the plugin here!

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