Fun trip from cold, cloudy New York to sunny, hot Peru


The aqua park in San Antonio, Peru.

LIMA, Peru — I traveled here on Feb. 11. Peru is a historic and fun country. I go to Peru every year, and as always, the trip this year was a blast of fun. The weather was hot, and every day there was something to do.

On my trip, I got to see friends and family, the park, beaches, pools and the new library. The beaches were beautiful. The Pacific Ocean was as blue as a blue jay. The soft, wet sand was fun to dig holes in and build castles with my cousins. At the Pucusana beach, I learned how to ride a kayak.

In the morning, if you walk along the border of the beach, you can see dolphins frolicking and jumping in the water.

My family stayed a few days in San Antonio. It is a place where you can rent bikes and stay in a  bungalow, which is a small house.

The pools were huge and the aqua park was one of the best ones. I think this is because of the water slides. There were three:

  • “The Toilet” because of the way you land and its shape.
  • “The caterpillar” because of its color and shape.
  • The last one was a really fast one but does not have a name. If I had the chance to name it, I would call it the roller coaster because of its speed.

One of my favorite parts about going to Peru was the ICE CREAM. Two of my favorites are lucuma and bonbons. Lucuma is an exotic fruit, and bonbons are chocolate cubes with vanilla ice cream inside.

Mira Peru is a two story bus that I got to ride in. While it goes around town for about a hour, it gives you facts about Peru. On the bus, I learned that there are about 29 million people in Peru.

I am glad that I went to Peru in February because that is the month of Carnavales. Carnavales is a fun game where you hide somewhere, and when somebody comes by, you throw a water balloon at them.

So my trip from cold, cloudy New York to sunny, hot Peru was super fun. I can’t wait to go back!