Patch editor Eleanor Goldberg joins Huffington Post to write about people who help


Eleanor Goldberg (center) was interviewed by Lindsay McNamara (right) and Alexandra Broge

NEW YORK — Eleanor Goldberg used to work for the Pelham Patch, but she moved up to one of the best known online newspapers, The Huffington Post. Huffington Post covers everything from politics to breaking news. Ms Goldberg personally writes about people who need help and organizations and people who help them for the section called HuffPost Impact.

She said it is very important to teach readers about what is going on with people who need help. “I know my talent is to write, but I think it’s to teach people about what I write,” she said.

Ms Goldberg writes stories that most journalists wouldn’t write because the people in the stories are disabled. One time she wrote about a boy who lost his legs in an accident. The boy was a serious athlete before the accident. Ms Goldberg reported that he started working to get new and improved artificial legs, and he started walking and playing hockey with a sled.

She can have fun on the job too. “It’s fun to meet people and write about them,” Ms Goldberg said. “I don’t think I could ever get a better job.” She also said she has a lot of fun with the people she works with and when she connects with the people she interviews.

“I met this man once,” she said. “He was truly amazing. He created an ambulance company. He got a bunch of people to do it. They were even the fastest ambulance company ever.”

Before she moved to The Huffington Post, Ms Goldberg was editor of the Pelham Patch. She even came to visit the Colonial Times staff last year to talk to us about writing. When she moved to The Huffington Post, she was really excited.

Ms Goldberg has left her mark writing for the people who need help.

Publisher’s note: Editors from the Colonial Times met with five journalists in New York City for a discussion and interviews. This is the first in the “Profiles in Journalism” series resulting from that field trip.