Madrid is fantastic city, offering visitors tapas and churros, Real Madrid’s stadium and funny accents


Real Madrid plays soccer on this field.

MADRID — Hola! Warm greetings from Madrid, Spain. Madrid is a crowded city with a lot of people who speak Spanish, but with a funny accent. I understood them, but when I spoke to them, they actually corrected me. For example, if I said a word, but without the accent, they would correct me.

There are also many poor people there. Once, I gave my tortilla sandwich to a poor lady, who was sitting on the sidewalk alone, shaking an empty can, and asking for money.

Lunch in Spain is at 3 pm, and dinner is at 10 pm. Around 9 pm, huge parties start to blast in every corner. It starts to get dark around 11 pm!

One of the most popular things to eat in Spain is “tapas.” Tapas are small plates. You order one, and then another, until you are no longer hungry. You need quite a few, since the portions are not at all that big. The most popular dessert is churros. They look like french fries, and they are supposed to be dipped in a creamy, hot chocolate. You can’t go to Spain without eating tapas or churros.

In Spain, my family and I went into these small boxes with benches. There would be a bump or two at first, and then we would be flying in the air. The box was attached to wires, but felt like we were flying rapidly, as a lady explained the sights we were seeing through the windows.

My favorite place I visited was the Real Madrid soccer stadium. Soccer is the most popular sport in Spain. Spain is the champion of Europe, and the world! The field is huge, and you can even touch the turf that the players play on. In the player’s dressing room, there is a hot tub. I also got to sit in the coaches’ sideline chairs. There is a reporting room as well, and you get to sit in the players’ interviewing chairs. If you are a big fan of soccer, and go to Spain, I definitely recommend you to go to this stadium.

My family and I also went on a lot of sightseeing. Spain is a great place to be in, even if it’s only for three days. So if you ever go, I can assure you that you will have a fantastic time.