Busy summer of twos includes vacations, sleep-away camps and roller coasters


Sam Rodd, during a summer of twos, under two of USS Wisconsin’s mighty sixteen-inch guns.

This summer will be referred to as the summer of twos, for several reasons. Two vacations, two amusement parks, two weddings, and two sleep-away camps. And if that wasn’t enough, I did a two-week theater day camp. Talk about a busy summer!

I started off this summer by doing a show called “Seussical,” in which I played two parts. After that, I went to Hershey Park. I love all extreme roller coasters, so I had to check out the new ride, Skyrush. It was really amazing! After going on about every single roller coaster there, I went back home and then traveled to Long Island for my cousin Katie’s wedding. It was in an aquarium! People ate seafood while being stared at by sharks! Irony, anyone?

I still had more traveling to do. I took a four-hour drive up to Lake George for sleep-away camp at a place called Camp Chingachgook. (Try and pronounce that on your first try.) I went there for a week and headed back home for a week. During this time, I went to my babysitter’s wedding. I was in the wedding party, and it was really fun, besides the fact that I was the youngest one there.

Then we took an eight-hour drive to Williamsburg, Virginia, for the second summer in a row. We also met up with the Zahradniks while we were there. We went to Colonial Williamsburg first, and went to another amusement park. Also during this time we went to the naval museum and got to check out the battleship Wisconsin.

I went to another sleep-away camp, except this one was for performing arts. At the end of the week, we had a showcase for five talent agents. And I headed home again. And here I am now. Waiting for school to start. And I can finally take a nap.