Flying alone for first time offers kids advantages, but adults can be too extra sweet


Emilia and Viviane in Europe before flying without an adult.

ABOARD DELTA AIRPLANE — My younger sister Viviane and I got to go on a plane by ourselves for the first time ever to get back to Pelham from summer vacation. My mom had returned to New York two weeks earlier because of work. Now my dad had to go to Egypt for a week, and my sister and I needed to get home.

Delta was the airline we were flying. The first time there were actually flight attendants on planes was about 75 years ago. The program of kids traveling alone on Delta has been around for 20 years. On Delta, you have to be five or older.

My dad took us to Madrid from France on a plane. We stayed at a hotel for one night. The next day, we went on a bus to the airport. After Viviane and I said bye to Dad, we followed a lady into the plane with the other kids who were also traveling alone.

Viviane and I took our seats at row number 39. A lady took her seat beside Viviane and smiled at us. But she was really annoying throughout the whole ride.

Our flight hostess, Jennifer said, “It’s harder to travel with kids because I worry.”

Kids that fly alone get a lot of attention and advantages. They get special meals that include chips, chocolate bars and other stuff. Viviane and I were lucky because everyone else’s tray was late because the ovens were having a problem.

The bad part about traveling alone was that everybody chattered with us and was a little too extra sweet. People kept asking us questions and wouldn’t mind their own business. The other four kids were nowhere near us, so it was definitely lonely.

When Viviane, the other kids and I got off the plane, a creepy woman was waiting for us. She wasn’t smiling, and her furry eyebrows shot up when we talked.

We continued walking, dragging our suitcases behind us. The lady started talking to the guy who looked at our American passports. That’s when the lady grinned real big. The guy gave us forms to fill out, which the lady did for us. She leaned against a counter and started texting non-stop. The rest of us stared at the ceiling, wondering what would come next. The lady finally filled out the forms and took us to a huge room, where Viviane and I saw our mom.

It was a fun experience and flight.