Holiday wishes for the world from staff of the Colonial Times


Colonial Times staffers work in the newsroom after writing their holidays wishes for the world.

Publisher’s note: Today at the Colonial Times meeting, each of the reporters and editors was asked to come up with their holiday wish for the world. The project was coordinated and edited in real-time by News Editor Emilia Privat. The wishes from our staff are published below.

“I wish for world peace.”

—Christian Shiels

“I wish for every pet to have a home.”

—Jamie Burke

“My wish for the world is that there won’t be a hurricane for another five years.”

—Jack  Murphy

“For the world to never end!”

—Lila Caminiti

“I wish for the world to be cleaner so there’s no pollution.”

—Natalia Cherner

“I wish for there to be no more poverty.”

—Anna Shampanier-Bowen

“I wish for us to have more healthy water.”

—Jacob Hartmere

“I wish school was shorter.”

—Matthew Alexander

“My wish for the world is that the Afghanistan war would end.”

—Daniella De Young

“I wish that cheese dogs would be tastier.”

—Charlie Pedorella

“I wish that there was no homework.”

—Thomas Tapogna

“My wish is that there will be more electronics and less textbooks.”

—Maddie Samaan

“I wish there would be an endless supply of Buffalo wings so no one would ever starve.”

—Charlotte Mangelsdorf

“I wish everyone would be equal.”

—Olivia Fenwick

“My wish for the world is for scientists to create the iPhone 6.”

—Nicholas Cross

“My holiday wish for the world is for everyone to get a Segway.”

—Michael Micciche

“My holiday wish for the world is that pollution be less common.”

—Marco Gracie

“My wish is world peace and no pollution.”

—Emmett Doyle

“My wish for the world is that everyone would be equal and world peace.”

—Zoey Campos

“My holiday wish for the world is for global warming to stop and for everyone to get a job.”

—Emilia Privat