Repairs to New York Acquarium after Sandy ready home of sea creatures to open


The flooded New York Aquarium.

CONEY ISLAND — At the New York Aquarium, exhibits are being repaired because of damage from Hurricane Sandy. It caused the aquarium to flood.

Sadly, the aquarium was closed for a few months. But good news! According to an article in the New York Times Metro section, some parts of the aquarium are opening soon, including the Sea Cliffs and the Main Hall. The storm flooded the New York Aquarium on October 29.

According to the New York Times article, for lots of days, officials were not sure if they would have to send their collection of 12,000 fish and marine mammals to different aquariums on the East Coast.The reason they might have to send the ocean creatures to different aquariums is when Hurricane Sandy flooded the aquarium, the waters knocked out the electrical transformers and the aquarium’s electrical distribution and mechanical equipment, the Times said. The waters of Sandy undermined the pumps and motors that operate the critical life support systems for the fish, the newspaper reported.

Fortunately, the fish were saved, but it was risky. Staff members had to pump water out of the basement. They got the emergency generators running. So the 12,000 sea creatures, including the new walrus named Mitik, get to stay home.