Lisbon tour includes so many different churches, little buses, castles and mouthwatering food


Emilia Privat

One of Lisbon’s many little buses.

LISBON – This is the capital of Portugal and also where my family went after exploring Porto. Lisbon is an amazing city with an incredible number of tourists.

Lisbon is extremely religious. I don’t think I have ever seen so many churches located in one area. Every church was different. There was one with wood decoration inside. What was so unbelievable about it was that the wood was carved in such a way that it seemed impossible that it was ever actually done that way. There was this other church that had gold everywhere on the inside.

The people in Lisbon speak Portuguese. However, if you talk to them in Spanish, they understand. In my opinion, the people were kind, honest and helpful.

These small buses in Lisbon are really well known. On top of the busses are wires connected with other wires in the streets. Inside, they are crowded. The maximum number of people sitting is 28. Almost 40 can stand. Each bus goes to a different place. For example, one bus is specifically a tour for tourists to experience. Another might go downtown.

There are many castles in Lisbon. They are enormous and fun to explore. My family and I got to see the king and queen’s bedrooms (did you know they didn’t sleep in the same room?), their offices, their closets and a bunch of other royal rooms.

The food in Lisbon is mouthwatering. The pastry is exceptional, especially a creamy dessert called nata. The restaurants are reasonably sized. There was one restaurant that looked like you were eating in the middle of a grocery store. There was food all around the place, and in the center you discovered tables with picnic tablecloths. It was so cool!