Lobstering is great activity for kids of all ages


Our intrepid reporter held the lobster after the measuring and banding.

BAR HARBOR, Maine — While I was on summer vacation, I went to Maine. I have a friend there who does lobstering. One day she took me with her.

We got to the dock. We got onto the boat. When we got to the first trap, my friend took the buoy and put it into a pulley thing and we pulled up the trap. It was cool.

On that trip, we only managed to trap three or four lobsters. Once you do get a lobster, then you measure it. If it’s too big or too small, then you throw it back in the water.

Lobstering is fun. It is a family-fun operation. It isn’t hard work, just fun. Everyone always has a part in the process—pulling the buoy, getting bait, measuring lobsters, etc. Then finally at the end (as a reward), you get a nice lobster to eat!