31 holiday wishes for the world from staffers of Colonial Times


COLONIAL LIBRARY — Every holiday you make a wish. Let’s see what Colonial Times staffers wish for the world this holiday season.

“I want everyone (even the poor) to feel good about themselves no matter what state they’re in.” —Ella Miller (5V)

“I’d like to have an end to ebola, child abuse and world hunger.” —Georgia Russello (5M)

“I wish there could be an end to poverty and an end to world hunger.” —Paige Felgner (5V)

“My wish for the world is peace on Earth and goodwill to all people. —Malia McLellan (5M)

“My wish is to end poverty and protect all people and animals from violence.” —Eileen Mazzaro (5H)

“My wish for the world is to end poverty and to have world peace.” —Charlotte Nanda (5M)

“My wish for the world is that the army soldiers come home for Christmas.” —Larisa Breskin (4GA)

“My wish for the world is that people will stop polluting that much.” —Allie Carney (4GE)

“My wish for the world is that everyone has food and shelter.” —unknown staffer

“My holiday wish for the world is that everybody gets treated fairly.” —Amelia Resnick

“In the future, I hope that people will protect the endangered animals.” —Emma Spencer (5V)

“Everyone will make it home safely for Christmas as planned.” —Cate McLean (5M)

“I would like it for everyone in the world to be nice to each other.” —Emma Van Praagh (4GA)

“I would wish for world peace for everyone.” —Sarah Tapogna

“I want people to have better care of the world.” —Kate Girolamo

“I want everyone to have a happy holiday. Also my holiday wish to the world is to get a new bike and electronics.” —Jonah Sherbansky (4GA)

“My wish for the world is everyone in the world has a living thing like a human or a dog to keep them company.” —Caroline Michailoff (5V)

“Everyone to have shelter with food and water.” —Kelly Gallivan (4Ge)

“There will be peace and love in this world and no one will suffer.” —unknown staffer

“My wish for the world is for everyone to be happy and not sad.” —Aidan Murphy (4Ge)

“Peace in Afghanistan and Pakistan is my wish for the world.” —Eleanor Moraes (5H)

“I wish for peace everywhere and food for everyone” —Austin Kelly (5V)

“It would be awesome if every person could have equal education and be treated equal rights.” —Kathryn Alexander (5H)

“My holiday wish for the world is for everyone to be happy and joyful with themselves.” —Tisya Sharma (5V)

“I want for everyone to have shelter for Christmas.” —Emma Crotty

“I would love it if people would have shelter and food.” —Leah Sherbansky

“I will start drinking more chocolate from rivers.” —Grace Dunhill, 4Ga

“I want to bring  joy to the world.” —Sarah Giles

“To have peace on earth and everyone to be home with their families during the holidays.” —Jack Tirsch

“I want everyone on earth to have big houses.” —Lawrence Ohmes, 4Ge

“I think that everyone should have a good education, poor or rich.” —Ben Busschaert