Mr. Zahradnik leaving does not mean the end of the Colonial Times


COLONIAL — School’s out and so is Mr. Rich Zahradnik.

But it is not the end of the school’s paper, the Colonial Times (which you’re reading right now). For the last five school years, Mr. Zahradnik has been co-advising the newspaper, first with Mrs. Tonya Wilson, then with Mrs. Claire Cavalli and finally with Mr. Alexander Ventura.

Mr. Zahradnik is ready to pass the job on to Mr. Ventura. Mr.Ventura has been a great partner working with Mr. Zahradnik, and Mr. Zahradnik said he knows Mr. Ventura will do a wonderful job. Although it is sad to say goodbye to Mr. Zahradnik, it will exciting to see how Mr. Ventura will help the newspaper continue to grow.

Caroline Michailoff, a graduated fifth grader, said, “I think it is very sad because Mr. Zahradnik is really good and he taught us a lot, but I think Mr. Ventura will do an amazing job too.”

Overall, Mr. Zahradnik will be gone forever and will never come back