Diary of a summer: Family, friends, water parks, amusement park in epic trip to Belgium


June 27: I’m sooo excited!! Tomorrow, I am going to Belgium on vacation, and it has been two years since I have been there, so I am anxious to see all my friends and family. I’ll write again soon.

June 29: Right now, I’m in the airport of Dublin, Ireland. In America, the time would be 12:30ish am, but here it’s about 5:30 am. On the plane, the view was really cool when we took off and landed. And I’m still really excited to go to Belgium.

July 1: Yesterday was awesome! First we saw one of our cousins, then we surprised our friends (the first one I’ve known since I was born and his little brother, who I’ve known since he was born). Their names are Julien and Martin, and I played with them for two hours in the park. Later on, we went to our grandma’s (I call her Oma) on my dad’s side and saw all our cousins and our aunt and uncle. It was a really fun day.

July 10: Sorry for not writing for a while, but I was really busy and occupied from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. Yesterday and today, I was sick and threw up twice. This week, I was at a water park with really massive and cool water slides. Now we have left the water park to go to an apartment by the sea with our cousins, aunt, parents and Oma not far from where Julien and Martin are staying.

July 15: I’m back at my Grandma’s (mom’s side) after a long vacation. It was so awesome: the water park, go carts, making a resistant sand castle, playing epic Nerf wars, making wind/rain-proof sand forts, eating delicious Belgium food and playing with the most adorable little, 2 ½-year-old girl called Aelan (our cousin).

July 23: Today, I went to an amusement park for the whole day. It was epic, awesome, boss and any other word you could use for an amazing day! The amusement park is called Walibi (Six Flags Belgium), and I went on all the big attractions except for the one called the Cobra because the line was 30 minutes long and all the other ones were under 20 minutes. One of my four favorite attractions was the Dalton Terror; it went high up and then dropped 77 meters. Another epic ride was the Psyke Underground, a roller coaster in the dark that went super fast and did a looping forward and then backwards. The third one was called the Vampire, a roller coaster that went up and down and swirled and did loops. My final favorite ride was the Werewolf, a roller coaster which went high up and down and did really sharp and sudden turns. It was also my dad’s 40th birthday so we got 50 percent off coupons and invited Julien, Martin and one of my older cousins, Elvin. It was also Walibi’s 40th birthday.

Aug. 12: Sorry that I haven’t been writing for so long. It’s because I’m really busy. I’ll tell you what happened from where I left off. First we slept two nights at Julien and Martin’s and then went with them to Aqualibi, a water park inside the amusement park Walibi. That evening we went to a fair called La Foire du Midi until about 2:00 am. It was so awesome. That night we slept at my aunt’s, and the last night in Belgium, we slept at my grandma’s house. The next morning, we went back to America. And the second day we were there, I began sailing. Today at sailing, we had a cake contest, and I made my traditional family cake. The thing that I didn’t like was that there were teams, and most people voted for their teams. But even if I didn’t win, I know my cake was a good one because it was the only cake that was entirely eaten.

So that was my super-charged vacation in Belgium (and I did even more things that I didn’t write down).

P.S. I won the cake contest after all! 🙂