Superfast: The Quantum Computer

Superfast: The Quantum Computer

BINARY. Simple 1’s and 0’s. Still very fast… but is it fast enough? When Gottfried Leibniz invented binary in the 17th century, out out of 0 and 1 of the 32 quantum states of the electron, he never knew he could use all 32 states of the electron. But, if he wanted to, he could.

Binary is the 1’s and 0’s (ones and zeroes) used to direct a computer. These numbers mean nothing more then ‘on’ and ‘off’. These represent the electron state 0 and the state 1. But what if you managed to make a computer where it could be directed by also 2-32? Yes, you could manage.  It’s been done. The D-wave (pronounced dwave) company has created the Dwave X2 Supercomputer. You might think of supercomputers as… about as big as a room. But the DX1S (their first supercomputer) is as small as a normal Microsoft PC. Yup.

Maybe you’re wondering… What’s the big appeal of these quantie something-funky-mcbobs? Well…

  1. They’re up to 32 times faster then your average computer
  2. They can do calculations impossible for a human or any other computer to do
  3. They have enough computing power to scan all the atoms in a human, convert that into code and send the code across the universe and reconstruct you there.

Wow. That’s a very powerful computer.

Quantum computers will change the world. That’s what bet. What about you?

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