Evolution: Technology

Technology has come a long way over the years, decades, centuries. In the following timeline, you will be taken from the tech of 10 million years ago to the world of today.


10 million years ago, humans created the first tools.

In 8000 BC, humans began to make towns and houses.

In 3500 BC, humans created the wheel.

In 1000 BC, humans began to use iron to create things.

In 1700 BC, humans developed the alphabet.

In 105 CE,  paper was created.

In 395 CE, Romans developed concrete.

In 900 CE, the Chinese created gunpowder and fireworks.

In 1590, the first microscope was created.

In 1600, Galileo created a basic thermometer.

In 1609, Galileo created a working telescope.

In 1687, Isaac Newton created the 3 laws of motion.

In 1703, binary was formulated.

In 1712, the first steam engine was made.

In 1800, the first battery was created.

In 1827, the first modern photograph was inked.

In 1830, the first camera was created.

In 1860, radio waves were proven to exist and the fire extinguisher was created.

In 1876, the telephone was created.

In 1877, the phonograph was created.

In 1880, the first power plant was opened.

In 1886, the dishwasher was invented.

In 1901, the vacuum cleaner was patented.

In 1903, the first plane was flown.

In 1906, the air conditioner was created.

In 1908, the first car was produced.

In 1920, the first television was created and the principle of the rocket ship was created.

In 1920, the refrigerator was created.

In 1938, the copy machine was created.

In 1957, the satellite Sputnik was launched.

In 1969, the moon was reached and walked upon.

In 1973, the first cell phone was created.

In 1976, the first PC was created.

In 1989, the World Wide Web was launched.

In 2007, the first iPhone and Kindle were built.

In 2009, the first iPad was built.

In 2015, supercomputers were improved to become only 30 times less powerful then the human brain.

You can see the amazing evolution of technology, right? I think it’s truly amazing that humans have evolved so much.

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