Xbox 720

Microsoft’s All-New Console


Looking for an epic Xbox that you can do more and better gaming on?

If you liked the Xbox 1 or 360 or just the normal Xbox, the 720 is for you. The all-new Xbox has many of the familiar features as the older versions of Microsoft’s console, but with some new and exiting features that you’ll love.  If you have a Xbox One or a 360, you know they have the letter buttons A, B, Y and X, along with 1 D-pad, a right trigger, a left trigger, a right stick, a left stick, a right button, a left button, and the left and right home buttons. Well, the 720 has A, B, Y, X, M, G, I and U letter buttons, and 2 D-pads, 2 right triggers, 2 left triggers, 2 right sticks, 2 left sticks, 2 right buttons, 2 left buttons, the left and right home buttons, and 12 additional buttons. Phew. That’s a lot of gaming.

Along with the console (which will have a Kinetic inside), the 720 will include a projector. If you play a game like Minecraft or Halo (both 3-D games), you can see in front of your character but not behind or to the sides. The projector can project an image of the sides or behind your character on the walls of the room you’re playing in.

What will the 720 be called? One of the possible (and coolest) names could be Xbox Infinity. We know Microsoft has considered this because they have been searching for website names, and one was∞.com.

It’s also possible that Microsoft could call the new console Xbox 720, but that’s boring.

When it comes out, I would want to get the new console (I currently have a One) immediately. What about you?

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