Dwave Quantum Computer put through its paces

Dwave Quantum Computer put through its paces

Is the DWAVE Quantum Computer really a true quantum computer? ​In 2013, Google and NASA together bought one of their best models. But is what they purchased a TRUE quantum computer?

Hartmut Neven, the Google director of engineering had this to say: “The larger part of the Google community doubted whether it was a quantum computer at all, questioning if it even had the presence of [the] quantum effects [and none of us could convincingly] show that any aspect of the D-Wave could beat its classical [computer] counterparts, even for a proof of principle.” That just shows how doubtful the Google and NASA teams were of their new DWAVE. So they decided to put it through its paces.

These computer scientists working on the DWAVE at NASA and Google published a scientific paper on a test of the computer. They found that it could crunch a highly specialized computing problem roughly a hundred million times faster than competing conventional computers could do.

You might have noticed I blocked out the words where my article noted the amount of time it crunched the problem. I’m waiting for you to go crazy with excitement.

Any time now…

The actual problem that computer scientists had the DWAVE do is pretty complicated. To make it simple, they asked the machine to pick the optimum choice out of a large jumble of information with nearly 1,000 variables. Now here’s the time it did it in: 1 100th of a second. A normal PC would take 100 days. That’s quantum computing.

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