2015: Year of Tech

2015: Year of Tech

Some years have been full of cutting-edge technology; some have not. In 2007 the iPhone 1 was available in markets, and the iPad in 2010. But 2015 has just been packed with cutting-edge technology; much of which will blow your mind away.

First up is the iPad Pro. If you’ve ever wanted a lighter, larger iPad, your wish has been granted. The Pro has a 12-inch screen and is 7 mm thick. It has a 264 pixels per inch display and uses iOS 9, the all-new Apple iOS update. It weighs 1.5 pounds- very light for by far the largest iPad.

Next are the Surfaces. Surface 3, Pro 4 and Book are the height of the year’s cutting-edge small computers.  Never heard of them? The Surface 3 is a small tablet. If you turn it around, you can pull out a kickstand and attach a keyboard. Same with the Pro 4. The Book is a laptop. It’s keyboard can come off and back on. It doesn’t use a kickstand.

The HoloLens. How do I explain the HoloLens? Well… it’s a pair of goggles that you wear on your head. When on, they project interactive holograms into the room. If you don’t have a TV, the HoloLens can project one for you. If you want to Skype someone, why not do it in midair? Play inside a game in your living room! The possibilities are endless!

Chromebit is a tiny computer, smaller then any one made so far. It’s a little flash-drive thingy that you can plug into your television and KAZAM!, a computer desktop comes on your screen. With it, you can surf the web, keep track of your daily activities, Skype, stream to other devices, watch live shows and more. It’s more then $80, but for all those features, it’s worth it!

Tractor beams are real. Sriram Subramanian said “In our device we manipulate objects in midair and seemingly defy gravity.” This is done by an array of 64 tiny speaker that create high-pitched and high-intensity sound waves that can hold a small ball. It can drag this small ball up to a high height.

The invisibility cloak can make you invisible. It’s ultrathin- just about thirty nanometers thick. For comparison, a human hair is about 100,000 nanometers thick. How do they work? It’s easy. Invisibility cloaks are made to bend light around something, but fabrics that do this are typically usually hard to make and only work from very small angles — if you walk around a normal invisible object, you’ll be able to see it. But a new cloak- this cloak- avoids that problem, and is thin and flexible enough to be wrapped around an object of any shape.

There’s text there, in that gap, but it’s invisible like the new invisibility cloak. If you want to see it, drag your mouse over it while holding the left mouse button. However, this won’t work with the real cloak, though.

The joke goes a little something like this: If you drop a Nokia 3310, you better check and make sure you didn’t break the floor. And some guys tested it against a tank. And they drove the tank over the phone. The tank squealed and stopped. Need I say more? That’s how durable this new phone is.

That’s just some of the new tech in 2015. If you want to find some more new tech, go here!