Scott Kelly’s Mission


Just a week ago, astronaut Scott Kelly returned from the International Space Station after 340 days of a mission to gain information about effects of the human body being exposed to weightlessness for a year. The information was gained for NASA’s Journey to Mars mission to estimate effects of journeying to Mars and back.


NASA, never one to waste time and resources, had Kelly do tests and experiments a normal astronaut would do, along with some of his own special experiments related to his mission. To get more information on how the body adjusts to weightlessness, isolation, radiation and the stress of extended time in space, Kelly stored samples and X-Rays for his journey back to our home planet.


Scientists began analyzing data from Kelly as soon as he returned to Earth. The scientific process takes time, and processing the data from all the checkups will take from 6 months to 6 years!


On other long-duration spaceflight, astronauts have gotten effects such as these:

  • growth
  • your face becomes puffy
  • your legs become skinny
  • your bones loose density
  • your muscles are a lot weaker


When Kelly returned to Earth, scientists tested him for effects like those (he grew 2 inches in his mission!). Unfortunately, the more in-depth results of Kelly being in space will not be released until at least 2017. So you can wait a while.


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