Should We Use Robots for Surgery Instead of Doctors?


Recently, doctors are becoming less and less useful- not to say they’re useless- with the introduction of robots. But the question still hangs: are robots more reliable than doctors? 

With robots, the movements can be more precise. There was a recent surgery where a robot removed a woman’s infected tumor and gallbladder with 2 doctors operating the machine (da Vinci). However, there can be drawbacks. A machine that was preforming open-heart surgery shut down in the middle of the operation so it could preform a malware check, which happened hourly. In that case, the less experienced surgeons had to step in and take over the operation for the 5 minutes it took to cease the check. Fortunately, the woman survived.

Most hospitals nowadays own at least 1 robot that can preform surgery. However, they are usually only used when it is the only way (but this depends on the hospital). As this tech advances, these bots are being used more and more.

As technology advances, robotic surgery is becoming better. But there is still the one question: will they ever top human surgeons?

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