Can You Solve The Bridge and Torch Riddle?


Can you solve the bridge riddle? You are being chased by a pack of zombies.

There are four people who need to get to the other side of the bridge, each with their own time needed to get across it. Even worse, the bridge can only support two of them for each trip, or else it will break. Bob can get across in 1 minute, Lily does it in 2 minutes, John crosses in 5 and the old man needs 10 minutes.

Adding to the time it takes to get across, it is so dark out that you need a flashlight to get across. So the faster person needs to stay with the slower: if Bob and John go together, Bob will have to slow down so John can see, so the 2 of them will take a total of 5 minutes (John’s time) to get to the other side.

The zombies will reach you in 17 minutes, and if they do, you lose.

Lastly, there are no tricks to use. You cannot swing across the bridge using a rope, you cannot use the bridge as a raft, or befriend the zombies. However, you can run back across the bridge- as long as you are holding the lantern.

If you find it out, comment below!