Pelham Summer Experience offers kids wide range of fun classes at middle school


Colonial Times file photo

Changing classes can be good practice for when fifth graders attend Pelham Middle School.

PELHAM MIDDLE SCHOOL– Every summer, a program called Pelham Summer Experience offers a series of classes here under the direction of Dr. Ruth Kambar.

Some classes offered included Babysitting and First Aid, Ballroom Dancing, Basic Photography, The World of Painting, Woodworking, Beginner Rocketry, Fashion Forecasting, Creative Writing Club, Westchester Ninja Warriors, Jewelry Making for Fun, CSI 101, Theatre and many more.

The summer experience day starts off with everyone meeting in the gym of the middle school, where there’s a teacher for every class. Students find their teachers and wait for everyone in the class to arrive. Once classes are assembled, students go to assigned classrooms and get started. Where Pelham Summer Experience takes you from there depends on the choice you made: your class.

Elayna McMahon said she liked the fact that you can take different classes. She enjoyed CSI 101 because “it’s really good.”

Mrs. Maxwell, teacher of Jewelry Making for Fun, said she’s been teaching at the Pelham Summer Experience for three years. “I was lucky enough that  Dr. Kambar reached out to me to teach a class a few years ago, and I’ve been coming here ever since.”

She enjoys “being able to be creative” and the relaxed atmosphere. “I like collaborating with the kids to figure out what’s going to make the class fun.”

Josie Leff took Theatre. “We sing, play acting games and plan a choreographed dance and sing to a certain song,” she said. “It’s a lot of fun working with a bunch of different kids.”

Her class helped her improve. “Today we did a critique where you sung a song and everyone in the class gave you a good critique and a bad critique.” Josie recommended the class to kids who like to sing.