Diary of a school year ending and the summer’s many activities


It was the last day of school. You were thinking about all of the great memories you made this year. You’re singing end-of-school songs in your head. At least this is what I was doing. It was my last year at Colonial School, and I know I will miss that school a lot.

But I have a new adventure ahead of me. MIDDLE SCHOOL! First, I had my whole summer ahead of me. That evening, I went to a going away party for a friend who was moving away to Hong Kong. Good-byes are always hard.

On Sunday, we were planning to fly to Florida to visit our grandparents. On Saturday afternoon, we were packing for our vacation and my sleep-away camp (which was beginning a few days after I got back from Florida).

That day, I really wasn’t feeling too well. I had a fever that was 102 degrees. It was a really annoying time to get sick. I didn’t think I would get to enjoy anything in Florida. I couldn’t let my fever ruin my limited time in Florida. As soon as I had enough energy, I ran around at the beach and did everything I could to have a great time. It was a great trip even though I wasn’t always feeling the best.

Once we got home, we quickly re-packed and went to our ski house in Massachusetts. There was no snow, of course, but there was still a lot of cool stuff to see and do. The evening before camp started, we went to a concert where John Mellencamp performed. It was a great time. I had a lot of fun with my family. It was a great way to spend time with them before I left for three weeks of sleep away camp.

We went with some family friends. It was great to hang out with them because we won’t be seeing them for the rest of the summer. The next morning, I woke up really early to get ready for camp. I was so tired, but I was excited for camp. I said lots of “good-byes” and “I love yous.” I got in the car and my dad drove me to the bus stop. I got the bus and went off to start my third summer at the camp. That is how my first few weeks of summer went.