Pelham children enjoy recreation department day camp


PROSPECT HILL SCHOOL — There was laughing running, and playing all around the field. Pelham children ages seven to 12 enjoyed the Pelham Recreation Department Day Camp.

This camp was filled with the outdoor activities elementary grade students enjoy. The program ran from 9 am to 4 pm with different activities, including floor hockey, basketball and kickball. There were different age groups with different staff and activities for each age.

Every week there was a field trip on Wednesday. Trips consisted of visits to the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, amusement parks like Playland, water parks and ballgames. This was unique about the camp. Many day camps just offer outdoor activities.

Lise Obudulu attended the camp five of the seven weeks this summer. “I liked all of the trips, although my favorite one is Playland. The everyday program is also a lot of fun. I like going outside to play, and also the counselors are nice.”

Many agree, including Gian Luca Marchese, who said, “I loved going to Playland. That is my favorite trip because I love amusement parks.”

One of the biggest reasons why the day camp was so organized was Camp Director Katie McCarthy. She did a lot for this camp, such as plan about 50 kids going on the trips. She made sure everybody was on the bus and that the camp was a safe and fun environment.

Joey Bitteto, counselor for the 11 and 12 year olds, said, “Sometimes being a counselor is a lot of work….When we go on trips, we have to make sure everybody is always with us. Otherwise, I enjoy being a camp counselor.”