Hawaii: Breathtaking paradise that offers many activities for families


HAWAII — This year for summer vacation I was lucky enough to go to this island paradise with my family. We did lots of things there, like kayaking, hiking, snorkeling and zip lining.

The islands of that form the state of Hawaii were formed when sub-aquatic volcanoes (volcanoes that are under water) erupted. The magma from the volcano hit the water and turned into obsidian. Later, that obsidian—which you can still see all over Hawaii today—turned into bedrock and dirt, allowing trees and grass to grow and make the islands the lush paradise they are today.

One famous site we visited was Pearl Harbor. On Dec. 7, 1941, the Japanese bombed this American naval base to keep the U.S from entering World War II. But the attack did the opposite, uniting the U.S. to enter and win the war with its allies. More than 2,000 people were killed in the attack, while 169 planes were destroyed. Pearl Harbor is open for people of all ages to learn more about the great disaster.

We also visited the island of Kaua’i, where we snorkeled as well as got a tour of the Na Pali Coast, which is so beautiful that many Hollywood movies are filmed there. The snorkeling was amazing because there were a lot of fish and a sea turtle! Our tour boat went in and out of many stunning caves. The water in them was so blue.

On Kaua’i, we also went on a two-mile kayak trip on the Wailea River and then a two-mile hike to a waterfall, seeing many of Hawaii’s exotic plants. One edible flower in the jungle tasted like mushroom.  There was also a plant that if you squeezed its bud, sticky syrup would come out. When rubbed in your hair, it was like a natural hair spray. We finished our tour hiking all the way back to the river and kayaking against the wind two miles to shore.

Amy S., a waitress who works at a restaurant in Kaua’i named Oasis on the Beach, said she absolutely loves it on the island. She said she is an outdoorsy person and that she likes to do water sports, in particular surfing, kayaking, paddle boarding and swimming.  She enjoys Kaua’i because it’s full of beautiful plants and flowers. That is why it has the nickname the Garden Isle.

After Kaua’i, we flew on a plane to Maui, another island in Hawaii.

On Maui, we went zip lining through a tropical forest with many beautiful flowers. I went upside down on one. Zip lining was so much fun. We also went to a luau where they gave us shell leis. We learned about Hawaiian culture and how to dance the hula.