Return visit to Edinburgh is even better than first: private garden, tiny bookstore, farmer’s market

EDINBURGH, Scotland—My family traveled to this amazing city this summer, our second visit, but I think it was better than the first.

During our two-day stay, we lived in a small Airbnb on Dean Terrace. One perk of living there was that we had a key to a fancy, private garden which is only for the people who lived on the street. There were beautiful flowers and many small paths along the bank of a cute river ending in a small waterfall.

Lucky for us, there was a farmer’s market during the days we were there. There were many tasty treats and amazing trinkets up for sale down the road. I had ice cream rolls, while my parents and sister had the famous Scotch eggs.

We saw necklaces made from coins, handmade soap, doggy snacks, whisky (for the grownups, of course,) and scarves.

We explored the city while trying to avoid the many tourist traps scattered around the streets. Having already seen Edinburgh Castle, we decided to see the small but fun attractions around town.

Via Google, my mom discovered a tiny antique book shop called Armchair Books, containing all kinds of books, with many thicknesses and genres for all ages. My sister perused the music section, while I stayed with the comics. Dad browsed the sci-fi shelves, and Mom discovered the antiques. After buying many books (and a tote bag to carry them), we decided to Uber across town back to our apartment to take a break.

After our break, we Ubered to the Royal Botanical Garden. In the boiling heat, we explored the gardens. From wandering through pathways lined by colorful flowers to taking pictures of greenhouses and seeing exhibits about desert plants, we overall had lots of fun.

Visiting Edinburgh was a great trip, and if you would like to visit, I would give it a 10 out of 10 rating and would recommend visiting Edinburgh to any family out there.