Adults talk lemonade stands: Good way to learn business and entrepreneurship

PELHAM — Around the Town of Pelham, you may have seen the classic way for kids to make summer money…lemonade stands. There are a lot of kids that run lemonade stands. 

Many people know the kids’ perspective on the stands. It’s a way to make money and get out of the house.

But what people don’t know is how adults view them. 

“I usually stop at lemonade stands,” said Denise Delgado-Kerman. “I either know the person, or I am thirsty. There is no direct connection between the child’s father and doing a lemonade stand. But yes, it helps with your entrepreneur skills.” 

“I don’t stop at lemonade stands because there are not that many in my neighborhood,” said Max Coleman. “A lemonade stand helps the child’s future because it helps with the child’s basic theories of business and economists. I would stop more if the lemonade stands had good flavors, such as blueberry. Most times I don’t have cash on me so I wish they could use Venmo.” 

Venmo is an app that you can use to transfer money from your account to another person’s. In order to have Venmo, you have to have a certain amount of money in your account.