Summer sailing floats stress and fears out this sailor’s head


Nevit Dilmen

File photo of an optimist sailing dinghy from 2010.

AMERICAN YACHT CLUB — My summers consist of sailing—and more sailing.

I sail optimist (or dinghy) sailboats for most of the summer. I am on my final year of optis.

I ask myself sometimes, why do I love sailing? Being on the water makes me feel amazing. All of my stress, my fears and my self-consciousness seem to float out of my head.

People sail for different reasons. One, you love it. Two, you like racing. Three, you like both. I like both. It’s fun to go to regattas with my friends and race around. When I’m not racing, I’m either practicing or having fun with my friends and coaches.

On the last week of Junior American Yacht Club, I got to go to the dunes, which is a big beach with sand dunes that everyone climbs up and down. I also went to a river that is fun to float down. The river has a beach called Crescent Beach. I went on different boats on the river.

On the last day of camp, I did something called JAYC Olympics, where everyone did capsize races, tug-of-war games on the beach and many more events. I was assigned to a random team and that team is a color. Like last year, I was purple and got to dress up in crazy stuff like a tutu and a headband. At night, they hold an awards ceremony and dinner.