Henry Driesen, one of this paper’s first sports editors, now studies political science at VTech


Henry Driesen (right) with fellow NROTC cadets at Virginia Tech.

Henry Driesen, who was a founding editor of the Colonial Times, is now going to Virginia Tech and is a sophomore. He studies political science with a focus on national security.

Henry was one of the paper’s first two sports editors in 2011-12. As the Colonial Times is celebrating its tenth birthday, we are also celebrating the people who created it. He was on the staff from 2011 to 2012 when he was in fourth and fifth grade.

”I wanted to do newspaper because I wanted to write about things that mattered to me and to be a part of something fun in school,” said Henry. “I am very pleased that this paper that I helped to found is still running.”

Henry’s favorite topics to write about are military history, usually focusing on WWII and the Cold War. He plays rugby for the club team at VTech.

“To me, journalism is still very important,” Henry said. “It is an essential part of political science and political life and is something that is constantly relied on to get the real story of pressing issues.”

“This may be a bit of a cheat, but my favorite article by another (Colonial Times) reporter was in fourth grade when the editorial staff wrote an article about our trip to Ellis Island while on the bus ride back,” he said.