Lacrosse is a team sport that was created by Native Americans. It was/is played with a small ball (rubber) and a racquet (LAX stick). The head of the stick has a frame and a net that is designed to hold the ball. The Indigenous people of North America thought that lacrosse was given to them by the creator for his enjoyment.


Ryder’s Experience: Being a senior and playing LAX since you were in high school means the sport means the world to you. Ryder Bohlander a former college LAX player for Maryland University said, “LAX is my life! It teaches you a lot about working on a team!” Ryder must love LAX because he gave up football a sport he’s been playing all his life for LAX! WOW he must like it.

Benefits of Playing: Lacrosse is an amazing and fun sport! It’s a team sport you work together a lot on defense and attack. So if you want to play. Go for it! How bad can you be? … Don’t answer that.

Personal Experience: You also need to communicate (not gossip) but when you pass to somebody call their name or they might not realize that you’re throwing to them and they’ll get hit with the ball! But other than that it is a fun sport! It teaches you a lot about working on a team and you can make good friends! I’m a defensive player. As a defensive player you know the game is in your hands. You have to keep the player away from the goal. Even if defense doesn’t score (probably won’t) you can still win a game on defense.

Positions: (All players are from Maryland University! Fear The TURTLE!)Low Attack/Attack Wing is a position where you score. So you need to have good passing skills and shooting skills like #27 Ryan Young and #1 Grant Catalino (my cousin calls him the big cat)! Next up center! It’s how the game starts! Face Off! You can also score on center but the main idea is to……….. WIN AS MANY FACE OFFS AS YOU CAN!!! Maryland’s Attack is #17 Curtis Holmes wins almost every face off! So if you want to be a center watch Curtis Holmes! Defense/Defensive Wing any defense your job is to keep the ball away from the net! Goalie don’t let the ball pass you! Because guess what the other team does THEY SCORE! If your in goal talk to #31 Niko Amato.

Trick Question (for girls) There are 11 people on the field from your team! How many people are on the field?

A: 22. Your team and the other team.