Yummy Chocolate! The secrets of chocolate will be revealed!

It all started out as a tree. Then coco beans grew. After people made it into Chocolate! The history of chocolate wasn’t always a solid bar. In the 1500’s to the 1700’s people used it as a drink and people also used chocolate to pay for stuff. For example, 10 coco beans would pay for a small animal to eat. Most people from Latin America traded the coco beans with Europe, since Latin America is where most coco trees were grown back then. Now, people have grown coco trees in other countries but, people wouldn’t have grown a tree in Canada or Alaska because coco trees usually grow in warm climates.

The Different types of Chocolate

There are many different types of chocolate. You probably know dark, white and milk chocolate. But, other types like bittersweet chocolate is probably in a brownie or cake you have eaten. All these delicious types of chocolate have different ingredients in them to make each kind taste unique. Like white chocolate has more cocoa butter in it than milk or dark chocolate. There is also filled chocolate which is filled chocolate with Carmel or something like that and candy coated which has a candy or cookie over chocolate.

Healthy Benefits

Not all chocolate is bad for you. Chocolate has antioxidants that could prevent heart diseases or cancer. Also the cocoa butter in chocolate may help protect your teeth by preventing plaque. But, if you eat too much of it, you might get sick. If you don’t have any sugar at all it isn’t good either because everyone’s body needs a little bit of more energy.

Life Is Sweet!