Global Warming: What you can do to help

Global warming is making the earth warmer and warmer. How can we help stop it? Read on to find out how you can help stop this threat to our planet.

Why global warming happens

Global warming happens because people burn fuels like oil and coal. This causes greenhouse gases to escape into the air and it causes most of the warming. Another cause for global warming is deforestation. Trees take in carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the air. The difference between climate change and global warming is that global warming refers to our planets average temperature, because of greenhouse gases building up. Climate change refers to the average surface temperature and precipitation (rain, snow, etc.).

How you can help prevent it

You don’t have to be an adult to be able to help stop global warming. You can start by doing simple things around the house.

Fun Facts

– Everyday, 70 million tons of carbon dioxide is released into the air.

– In 1910, Glacier National Park had 150 glaciers. It now has only 27 left.

Some easy things you can do are: wait until you have a lot of clothes to wash when you turn on the washer, turn off the lights when leaving a room, turn off your computer or TV when not in use, close the blinds when it’s hot out, use a fan instead of turning up the AC. Others include; dress warmly inside the house if it’s cold, bike or walk to someplace close instead of riding in a car, take five minute showers instead of long ones, and hang up your clothes to dry instead of putting them in the dryer. Doing all these things can help prevent global warming as well as help the environment. All these things use energy that burn fossil fuels.

What’s being done about global warming

Global warming is a very hard problem that we all need to fix. Everyone thinks it is a bad thing to waste energy and global warming is a big threat to our planet. Some people think there should be a law about wasting energy and other people think that people should be able to not waste energy without laws about it. A lot of states and businesses in the U.S.A. are not waiting until everything gets worse; they have already started on the problem. I surveyed fifteen 4th graders and here are the results: