Remember the Alamo

You may or may not remember the Alamo but it was a military fort in Texas that played a crucial part in our nations history in the 1800s. The battle of the Alamo was a fight for our nation to gain Mexico’s territory for America.

You Should Know

All The Weapons They Used

Belduque, Blunderbuss, Bowie Knife, Brown Bess, Caplock, Carbine, Dickert Jacob, Flintlock, Fowlers, Fusil de Chasse, Harper’s Ferry Pistol, Hours Pistol, Miguelet, Musket, Percussion, Smoothbore, Spanish Pistol, Stand of Arms, and The Swivel.

Battle was Formed

The U.S. wanted parts of Mexico which we now own. They wanted to expand the west coast and become a transcontinental country.

Did You Know?

Before the battle New Mexico, Nevada, California, Arizona, Wyoming, and Utah were once part of Mexico!

The Battle

The Battle of the Alamo was a 13 day battle. It was part of the Mexican American war. As you probably guessed it was Mexico against America and it lasted many years. It finally ended on April 1st.

Did You Know?

Right now you can go to the Alamo exhibit in San Antonio Texas and check out the cool artifacts.

I surveyed 53 kids if they knew what the Alamo was and only 11 of them knew.

Interesting Facts

Mexico’s dictator, General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna was captured by Sam Huston from the United States of America, and was forced to sign the Treaties of Velasco. The Treaties of Velasco were to provide a solution between the two battling sides and offer the first steps toward the official recognition of the breakaway Republic’s (the USA) independence.

Q: Did anyone survive the Alamo Battle?

A: 2 defenders survived

Q: When was the battle of the Alamo?

A: February 23-March 6 1836

Did You Know?

The Alamo is the Spanish word for cottonwood.