Toucans….. Toucans…….. TOUCANS!!!!!!!!!!!

Taco toucan to golden collard toucanet a-z so many toucans come explore them with me!

Here are some toucans that I found interesting:

  • 1. Taco toucan
  • 2. Groove Billed toucanet
  • 3. Black Billed Toucan
  • 4. Golden collard Toucanet

Toucans usually live in the tropics, mostly in Brazil or Costa Rica. But they can live in other tropics. Toucans adapted to the tropics by eating mostly soft fruits that are found in the tropics. Most toucans also have very colorful feathers and beaks. The colors That most toucans have on their feathers are yellow, green, golden, white and black.


  • Even the toucans tongue is feathered!
  • Toucans can adjust their body temp. with their beak!
  • Toucans biggest predators are man


How many Toucan species Do you think There are?

WoW My bEaK iS sO BiG!!!!!!!!

Toucans are known for their HUGE beak. Their beaks can grow down to half of their height. And toucans are pretty big birds, imagine if you had a beak it would be down to your waist! Toucans beaks are usually around 7 inches depending on size and type of toucan. Toucans are usually from 15-63 cm tall. The toco toucan’s (largest type of toucan) height is from 50-63 cm. Toucanets are smaller than toucans. Their range of height is smaller than the toucans.

A beak full of fun!
Did you know that the toucan got
it’s name from the Tupi Indians?


Sadly, Toucans are starting to become extinct L. They’re becoming extinct because people are keeping them as pets, killing them for their beaks and feathers and deforestation. SAVE THE TOUCANS!!!!!!!!!! Soon, they will be gone from our actions please make the right choices and save the rainforests and toucans,  and stop buying products made from toucans.